"A space to learn about demonstration and communication, and to present my learning; developing mastery."

The Demonstration learning mode is where information is shared, concepts explained and ideas are demonstrated. Stories are told and the space should form the ‘campfire’ around which the cohort gather. The area should support whoever the ‘guru of the moment’ is, whether that be student or facilitator.

The settings should be suitable for medium to large groups with a central focus point. The presenter needs somewhere to display work and should have a sense of purpose. A vertical writable board helps to explain concepts and learning. Peers should be comfortably seated and provided guidance on how to respond in appropriate ways. Seats with backs are required for longer presentations.

Includes - Postura Max and Cinque Twist‘n’Lock Height Adjustable Tables

Includes - Manta Ray Tables, Inquire Tables, Doni Chairs and Foot Ottomans

Includes - Pirouette 120 Degree Tables and Grazie Chairs

Includes - Rings in high, medium and low


Includes - Orio Twist‘n’Lock Height Adjustable Tables and Foot Ottoman

Learning Curve
Includes - Curve Ottomans, Bloc Ottoman, Pirouette Tables, Curved Bookcases, Orbit Ottoman with Writeable Top, Cushpods, and an All Terrain Writeable Screen

Includes - Crescent Twist‘n’Lock Height Adjustable Tables and Intellect Wave Chairs

Includes - Pirouette Trap Tables and Grazie Chairs

Includes - Curve Ottomans, Worm Ottomans, Clique Ottomans and an Orio Ottoman

Round Up
Includes - Strive Learn2 Chairs and an All Terrain Writeable Screen

Includes - Astral Ottomans, Foot Ottomans and an Orbit Ottoman with Writeable Top

Includes - Trap Ottomans, Box Ottomans and an Orbit Ottoman with Writeable Top

Learning Hub
Includes - Hub Lounges, Hub Wedges, All Terrain Writeable Screen, Pirouette Tables, and Trap Bookcases

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