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CUA FRN - Part B (Classroom Furniture)
Partnering to make a difference

We are pleased to be one of the preferred suppliers of classroom furniture to Western Australian schools through the CUAFRN 2017. Our partnership with the Western Australian Government provides access to a wide range of innovative, comfortable and durable furniture solutions which help schools across Australia create happy, healthy and engaging spaces.

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    Basket of Goods Products – These products and pricing have been approved specifically by the Western Australian Government and added to the approved basket of goods.

    Enjoy substantial discounts on our most popular school furniture products. Basket of Goods products includes all products that have been exclusively selected and approved by the Western Australian Government.

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  • Non - Basket of Goods

    Non-Basket of Goods Products – As part of our commitment to Western Australia schools, we have extended great discounts and benefits to all of our education products!

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    Seatings             Tables              Soft Furnishings             Storage

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