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We use polypropelene plastics to make fully moulded chairs, seats and backs. This material is specially formulated to withstand the knocks of usual classroom demands and sourced locally in Australia. Our plastics retain their colour through UV stability. We recommend cleaning with a commercial “Powder Detergent” (e.g., Radiant) in warm water and with a soft rag, then wipe dry with clean, soft rag. (Note: Do NOT use brushes or scourers, this will scratch the surface). For more information on cleaning, see our cleaning care guide.
We provide warranties for any material faults and/or manufacturing defects. Our plastic chairs/shells all hold a 20-year-warranty. Our other products range from a one-year to 20-year warranty. * For accurate information please check each product or refer to our warranty statement.
Furniture that’s not carefully selected can sometimes create barriers to learning. We’d love to talk to you more about this, so please get in touch with your local account manager to talk specifics for your school.
We use quality fabrics on all our furniture and recommend a selection of fabrics for many of our products. Even in classrooms with the most well-behaved students, fabrics can still get stained - the trick is to deal with them quickly. You’ll find some great tips for cleaning fabrics in our cleaning care guide.
The heights of chairs and desks or tables we recommend are to a standard and are in compliance with BS EN 1729 Part 1 (2006).
We’ve created a Polypropylene recipe especially formulated to stand up to the rigours of classroom life. It also retains its colour through UV stability. The frame is a high tensile steel and powder coated for extra protection.
In the unlikely event your furniture is damaged when you receive it, please take a quick photo of the damage and email it to us. We’ll arrange for the piece to be urgently manufactured again and shipped to you as soon as possible - at no extra charge of course.
We source our range of laminates from Laminex. See our cleaning care guide for tips on how to keep your surfaces looking like new. 
Sebel is part of the Resero portfolio of Brands. Resero Pty Ltd and Resero NZ Ltd (Resero) work with the community to "create spaces that lift everyone to achieve more". To this purpose, Resero design, manufacture and distribute seating, desking, storage and associated furniture to markets in Australia, New Zealand and globally in the Education, Hospitality, Healthcare and other markets.

At Resero we ensure that all our products are designed, manufactured, purchased and distributed in a systematic way to set and meet consistently high expectations. All Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental considerations are constantly reviewed, addressed and improved by practising continuous improvement methodologies across the Value Stream from Design & Development to Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution. This approach ensures we meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.
For a quick clean, use a dry clean cloth, microfibre cloth or whiteboard eraser. Replace cloths on a regular basis as these build up pigment. If you’re finding it tricky to keep your whiteboard white, we recommend a quality liquid whiteboard cleaner. Any greasy buildup can be removed by using warm water with small amount of soap, then rinsing with clean water and drying with a soft cloth. Aviod household cleaners. If marks are persistent we’d suggest changing your brand of whiteboard pen. Whiteboard performance can vary hugely depending on the brand and quality of whiteboard markers you’re using. For further cleaning tips, see our our cleaning care guide.
Our products come in a variety of colours and materials to add vibrancy and style to your learning space. Apply colour to your classroom through our flexible products and create a welcoming and inspiring environment for teaching and learning to happen.
The soft seating in our range is high quality and extremely durable. It’s manufactured using smart patented Eco-struts made from 100% recycled polypropylene right here in Australia. We use quality foam and well-tested fabrics. Any furniture can be damaged of course, but our soft seating range has been well tested.

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