Engaging Primary Spaces at Southern Cross Catholic College

Southern Cross Catholic College

Contemporary Learning Spaces by Sebel 

Teachers and students sometimes want a ‘palette of choice’ for learning destinations in their classrooms, So how do you get that balance right between soft furnishing, standing height, single & dual share worktops and make it functional & engaging?

We at Sebel have been asking ourselves that question & trying to solve it, for the last few years. It certainly helps when you have a large client base, full of willing/dynamic people (teachers and students) with whom you can interrogate this question with.

Sebel in partnership with a number of Catholic, Private & State Primary schools have been undertaking a series of trial spaces in order to get the ‘rhythm’ or ‘learning flow’ right.

Subtle transitions between, ‘whole of class’ & ‘part of class’ needs a real balance of solutions & clever product adjacencies, without re-enforcing the ‘front or back’ of the room.

These spaces at Southern Cross Catholic College go some way to enhancing these transitions & offering ‘personalized’ learning.

Sebel will keep you posted on all the exciting & highly varied learning spaces recently delivered over the coming weeks.

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