Co-Teaching/Freelance Learning Spaces at Iona College Queensland

Iona College Queensland

Contemporary Learning Spaces by Sebel 

Education reform recognizes that our future leaders need a variety of new capabilities, especially ‘soft skills’.

Mathematics, Science & literacy remain critically important, however students need to develop their skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, technology & ideation.

Still however, both students & facilitators face the challenge of having to learn & teach in facilities built for ‘age-old ways’ of learning & teaching.

Iona College are responding to these diverse areas with openness & are exploring what it means to be ‘learner-centric’.

The recent space collaboration with Iona College supports future focused learning and is being embraced by both students and teachers.

Sebel will keep you posted on all the exciting & highly varied learning spaces recently delivered over the coming weeks.

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