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Our Story

For almost 70 years, Sebel has sweat the small stuff to ensure customers have the best products that do the job and go the distance.

Harry Sebel was an engineering genius, perfectionist and pioneer. A true innovator, in 1951, Harry moved to Australia to start his quest in Australian manufacturing. It is here, where he made his name as a pioneer of plastic chair moulding, selling millions of his chairs around the globe. Known for their perfect balance of function, form and affordability, we still produce thousands of these iconic chairs today.

Since our founding, we have maintained a genuine Australian manufacturing culture and continued to introduce many innovative furniture products. From being the first to replace wooden chairs in schools with Polypropylene, to classic ergonomic and timeless designs that are still popular as ever decades later. We have a rich history of iconic and timeless product designs. Our iconic, long-lasting, fit-for-purpose products will perform in any environment for generations to come. Here’s a very small selection of some of our most iconic and popular designs over the decades:

For almost 70 years, our furniture has been a favourite across thousands of schools, churches,sports grounds, leisure centres, councils…you name it, we’ve provided furniture for it!

It takes many ingredients to create the ultimate learning space, one that stirs creativity and encourages collaboration. A space where students are excited to learn and teachers are inspired to teach. We’ve collaborated with thousands of educators, leaders, principals, students and other stakeholders so we know it’s not enough that our furniture is well researched and made to the highest quality.




Hospitality, Stadia and Auditorium Venues
We are proud to have our seating featured in some of Australia’s most iconic entertainment venues and prestigious educational facilities including Sydney Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval, National Convention Centre, University of Sydney and Sydney Olympic Park, just to name a few.

Leisure Center    



As an iconic Australian manufacturer, we have worked closely with the Australian Government and beyond to support safe, healthy, happy and active communities. We work alongside hundreds of local councils, providing them with purpose-built furniture for their various indoor and outdoor public spaces including leisure centres, sports grounds, public libraries and community halls. In addition, our plastic chairs are unrivalled in strength and durability, resulting in millions sold to institutional facilities and prisons in Australia, United States and across the globe





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