Postura warranty doubled after 20 years of proven performance!

Serious Quality. Serious Warranty.

Postura, 20 years warranty to match over 20 years of proven performance! 

At Sebel, we believe that when bringing products into the world, they should be timeless pieces that will perform for you over several generations. That’s why you won’t find thin moulding or inferior materials here. We proudly engineer our products to the highest standard so that you get high performing furniture that can be loved not just by you but perhaps your grandchildren too.

Designed here, made here and loved here by generations of Australians. We’ve sold millions of Postura chairs all over the globe since its creation.

More than 20 years young, our Postura chair is unrivalled as the best school chair to outlive its warranty. Tried, tested and proven in one of the toughest environments, Sebel can confidently offer 20 years warranty on not just the original but also our next generation design, the Postura Max which provides improved features and offers greater user experience and comfort.   

When you choose a Postura, you know you’re getting the genuine item, the real deal, the fair dinkum geez that’s clever original. Clever research, genuine science and seriously comfortable, our high performing chairs give you more confidence – knowing that you’re selecting a product not just with extended warranty, but a warranty that is proven by millions of students everyday around the world.


Postura Max

Available in 6 sizes to suit students of all sizes, our Postura Max’s trademarked design provides maximum comfort and supports good posture to help students concentrate in the classroom longer.

Moulded from high quality polypropylene that are 100% recyclable, we offer a huge range of colours to choose from. And if you still can’t find the colour you want, we can make your chairs in any custom colour you like*. Plus, we can stamp it with your own personal logo*, picture or tag line. It’s also antic-static, stain resistant and anti-rocking. The list goes on and on! There really is no equivalent to this classroom chair.

Click here to view our Postura Max Chair!

20 years warranty effective from the 20th of August 2018.

*Custom colours and hot stamping only available on size 3 to size 6 chairs.

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