Sebel Behind Bars: Integra Makes Guest Appearance on INFORMER 3838

Sebel Integra for Informer 3838

Behind bars for all the right reasons, Sebel Furniture makes a star-appearance on Channel 9’s latest hit mini-series, INFORMER 3838.

The show details the journey of criminal barrister-turned police informer Nicola Gobbo (code name informer 3838) and her involvement in the Melbourne gangland killings. It is a spin-off of the hugely successful Underbelly franchise, loved by Australians for years.

For nearly 70 years, Sebel have been proud suppliers of Australian designed, manufactured and loved furniture solutions, made to suit a wide variety of spaces – including prisons. That’s right. Prisons.

So, when Sebel was approached by Channel 9 to supply our world-famous Integra, Postura and Progress plastic chairs for the crime-drama series, it just made sense.

To make the sets as realistic as possible, Adele Flere, Art Director for INFORMER 3838 made the easy decision to choose Sebel.

“When we started looking at how we were going to recreate the sets for the Prisons in INFORMER 3838, it became apparent to me that what was hugely important was the finishing and furniture which needed to complement the mood and colours we had chosen for the show.

Each area was colour coded so the wonderful Sebel range enabled us to work with our finishes and provide a backdrop for the actors and what they were wearing which in turn provides the atmosphere for the scene.”

Authenticity and good design are two key factors that go into set design. The modular, cleverly designed selection of Sebel chairs that was provided were the best choice for the show. Adele explains, “Knowing Sebel had been in production since 1951 also meant we were dealing with a company who had been around long enough to have serviced the Prisons where we were setting our scenes.” By choosing Sebel, the show remained true to real-life prison environments across Australia.

“It was a very great pleasure to be able to showcase the Sebel range that was so kindly supplied for such a great Australian production!” Adele Flere shares.

Our iconic Integra plastic chair is a fully moulded one-piece plastic chair made from tough, hard wearing polypropylene with reinforced ribbing to provide structural strength and controlled flexing while ensuring superior comfort. Specifically designed for intensive use applications, they can take a ton of punishment and still look great.

Proudly Australian made, our high performing and UV-stabilised Integra is lightweight, stackable, comfortable, and ultra-durable, making it a perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor space. Plus, Sebel offer fire retardant options available for prison and institutional facility requirements.

Unrivalled in strength and durability, Integra, Postura & Progress are truly the toughest chairs on the block.

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