The Colour Inspiration Guide

The Colour Inspiration Guide

Colour plays such an important role when creating inspiring and engaging learning spaces. We know that choosing a colour palette can be quite daunting, so we’ve created a selection of colour ideas to inspire and help you create beautifully coloured and engaging spaces that will stir creativity and encourage collaboration. Spaces where students are excited to learn, and teachers are inspired to teach.



Create a bright and happy environment where students thrive using a livelier colour scheme. Add pops of warm and bright colours to attract students and stimulate their minds. Explore using the different colours in your palette to break up areas in your classroom for different learning activities.

The Colour Inspiration Guide




Create an environment where students are engaged and encouraged to perform at their full potential. Minimise distraction and provide a calmer feel with a muted colour palette. Add small doses of brighter colours, such as Orange, to provide an element of interest or use to lead students to different parts of the room for engaging activities.




Create an atmosphere of calm through the use of nature-based greens, greys, and woody elements. This striking colour combination will not only make any learning space look amazing but will engage students, making the space conducive to learning



Provide a stimulating environment pairing lighter hues with deeper accents. A pop of lime or orange will catch the eye without overwhelming students. Use different colours to help students understand how certain areas of the room are used.





Create a calm, restful, happy, and comfortable environment with this beautiful colour scheme. A calming and neutral background with splashes of blue will transform a once dull classroom into a fresh and inspiring space.


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