Nearly 70 years of experience in the furniture and manufacturing industry is what sets Sebel apart when it comes to picking the perfect corporate furniture.

Sebel has continued to research and design products that fit perfectly into a range of markets. Our iconic Australian made furniture continues to prove itself in a range of industries. They are designed to withstand some of the toughest environments and extensive use. Whether it be training rooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms or a whole range of other areas, Sebel has designed corporate furniture to fit into these spaces perfectly.

Corporate environments have a range of requirements they need to meet. Sebel has done the research to ensure that our products meet these demands. Our products are lightweight which make them movable, stackable so they can be stored away with no fuss, comfortable and ultra-durable, ensuring they fit the requirements of corporate furniture perfectly.

Cleanliness is becoming more and more relevant across all industries. Our plastic chairs have always been made from high tech polypropylene which is anti-static, and stain resistant. Its smooth ungrained surface enhances appearance and allows for low maintenance, easy cleaning. We offer a helpful guide to cleaning your Sebel furniture correctly to limit the spread of germs.

Our products have been designed, tested and manufactured to Australian standards so you can rest-assured that Sebel provides a premium solution, every single time.

The range of colours, materials and styles that you can select for your products is ample. This ensures that all your corporate furniture is not only going to last the test of time but will look great too.

Designed here, made here and loved by generations of Australians.

Learn more and call our friendly Sebel sales team.

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