• Product Highlights

    Clever. Simple. Flexible.

    Conceived from conversations with the market, we noticed that there was a lack of nesting tables that allowed ease of collaboration without ‘hogging’ real estate. The collaborative Pirouette was born. Allowing all four edges of the table to be utilised enabling greater collaboration without compromising optimal distances for project and group based learning. The simple and convenient flip mechanism is easily accessible, making reconfiguring a space fast and effortless, creating a seamless experience for both teaching staff and students.


    • Space saving folding and nesting table solutions.
    • Solid and durable metal frame and leg system.
    • Durable structural board with a laminated top finish.
    • Modular – works as standalone or configure clusters.
    • Easy one-handed side latch to allow for easy flip and nest.
    • Durable lockable castors make it easy to reconfigure and nest.
    • Maximised leg spacing (and clearance) enhances user experience.
    • Articulating leg enables simple leg-within-leg nesting solution.
    • Sleek minimalist design profile.
    • Available in a wide range of standard laminate colours.
    • Lifetime warranty on Performance Edge™ tops.


    Get the EDGE

    Performance Edge™ tabletops use a unique patented design tapered edge which is ultra-comfortable and perfect for extended use. The Performance Edge TM tapered edging reduces pressure on students’ forearms caused by leaning and writing, making them the most comfortable tables around.

    The Performance Edge™ tabletops use a superior hard-wearing material compared to regular rigid edging, and are virtually ‘pick proof’ so the edges don’t delaminate or peel off easily.

    The unique edging not only enhances user comfort, but it also reduces damage done to walls and other furniture whilst moving tables around to change between learning modes.

    Only available on certain Pirouette tables. See specifications for more details.


  • Specifications

    Pirouette Collection



    • Rigid Edge (RE) standard laminate colour range in 18mm or 25mm.
    • Performance Edge™ (PE) limited top colour range.
    • Performance Edge™ Aqua, Jaffa, Pinelime, Grape & Black only available with Writeable tops.
    • Gangers allow multiple collaborative tables to be connected together. Made from high-strength nylon, the hook and peg combination draws tables together. No tools are required when joining tables.

    To maintain a level workspace with collaborative Pirouette Table settings, you need to include the Ganger accessories to join the tables together. Please note that Gangers fitted to Pirouette Tables will only keep the tabletops flat and level if the flooring that they are positioned onto is entirely flat and even. Any variances in flooring levels could make the tables top uneven even when Gangers are fitted and used.


    Frame Options


    Performance Edge Options

    Edge Options:

    * Bull Blue, Fog Grey & Sebel Stone tops only available with Grey edge.
    * Aqua, Jaffa, Pine Lime, Grape, Black & Grey edge available with Writeable tops.

    Top Options


    18mm Rigid Edge Options

    Top Options



    Edge Options


    25mm Rigid Edge Options

    Top Options



    Edge Options


    Edge colour must match top colour.
    *Black edge can be used with any top colour

    Listed are the most popular colours, however, if you require a specific laminate please contact Sebel for more information.

    *  Not all tables are available in Performance Edge.


    The colours shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible, however actual colours may vary. We recommend checking your chosen colour against a sample colour swatch, as different screen and printing settings may affect the representation of the colour. Due to the manufacturing process, keep in mind that all colour samples may still have minimal colour variations to the finished product.

    We recommend contacting your Sebel representative for a sample swatch for comparison prior to ordering. 
    For more information or samples, contact your Sebel representative, or email sales@sebelfurniture.com


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    Download data sheet here


    Writeable Surface Care Instructions


    Download surface care instructions here


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