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QLD DET 68449 SOA – Categories (Education, Higher Education, Specialised Learning, Office, Secure, Health, Storage and Outdoor Furniture)


    APPROVED - Virtually all Sebel products have been approved by Queensland Government. Sebel have selected some TOP SELLERS and created a quick reference guide with prices for download.

    OTHER POPULAR SELLERS are also summarised in a downloadable document that indicates product families and agreed discount breaks. Call Sebel Customer Service on 1300 664 732 for a quote or select products via the website.

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    Refer to the Other Approved products list from the download above and Click the links below to view the product detail

    Seating             Tables              Soft Furnishings              Screens              Storage

    Click Here to download a price list of Top Sellers and a list of Other Approved Popular products with their discounts. Please note you must be logged in to receive access.



    These products also qualify for the same agreed discount breaks and are sold under the terms and conditions of the contract. However, they may have not yet made their way to the APPROVED panel. If you select one of these products you will need to complete the Qld Government Risk Assessment form downloadable via the link below. On request Sebel assist with the completion of this form please ask Sebel Customer Service for help.

    Click Here to download products with risk assessment required and a blank risk assessment form. Please note you must be logged in to receive access.



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