Kambora Public School
Kambora Public School

Kambora Public School

A variety of spaces, all furnished with Sebel products.

"We configured spaces to support 21st Century learning through the use of David Thornburg's learning space archetypes of Campfire, Watering Hole and Cave. These archetypes create dynamic and innovative learning environments that enhance the learning experience.” Lydia Janabi | Principal, Kambora Public School

Kambora Public School is a Primary School in Davidson, New South Wales. The school has recently undergone a refurbishment project that involved upgrading a Staffroom and Kindergarten, Stage One, Two and Three classrooms. Principal Lydia Janabi worked closely with Business Development Manager, Stephanie Cox, to bring her vision to life.

Lydia had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve when designing the spaces. Her goal was to have a flexible learning environment that would ultimately lead to maximised engagement of the students. She also had a clear and considered colour palette that included different colours for different stages of learning. Stage Three had navy and grey tones, Stage Two was either teal or aqua and blue tones and both Kindergarten and Stage One had purple tones. 

In terms of furniture, the school opted to reuse their Postura® chairs as they were still in great condition. To complement chairs, the other furniture that was carefully selected across the school comprised of Twist’n’Lock tables, Create-A-Space benches, Cosmic Stools, Smart Softies and Pirouette tables. 

For different learning modes within the space, clusters of StingRay tables, booth areas and high benches couples with ottomans, stools and Create-A-Pods were used in different areas of the rooms.

The Stage Three spaces were made up of curved Smart Softies with high Pirouettes which allowed students to have a tiered learning option. The Create-A-Space benches with cosmic stools were also grouped at the rear of the classroom. All the workspace tables were ordered in writeable tops and on castors to allow for flexible learning in different areas of the classroom.

For the Staffroom, a combination of Focus tables & upholstered Hobnob Sled Base chairs were used alongside Smart Softies. The colour palette used was grey and teal toned seating grouped with white tabletops.

To achieve Lydia’s goal classrooms, Stephanie designed the rooms in our Floorplanner app which allowed her to see the space come to life in realistic, to scale environments with the right colour palette.

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