Optimising seating to create effective hall spaces
Optimising seating to create effective hall spaces

Optimising seating to create effective hall spaces

Exploring the impact of seating within halls and balancing functionality and adaptability.

Halls are highly dynamic spaces, often transforming to accommodate various events and activities. 

When selecting furniture for your hall space, it’s important to consider the features and benefits of the products. In most schools, the hall is used as a multi-purpose space, transforming into a classroom, an assembly area, a mass exam environment, a performance venue, a breakout activity area, and an indoor sporting space.

These spaces require functional and adaptable furniture solutions. Light-weight construction, stackability, and durability are fundamental features of hall furniture. Equally important, hall seating must be comfortable. At Sebel, our chairs are designed to last, engineered to promote blood flow, stability, and posture, ensuring the user remains comfortable and engaged, whether it’s a lengthy presentation or a captivating performance.

Designed and made in Australia, our chairs are the ultimate solution for flexible seating.

Our Progress Chair is a great hall seating solution. It offers a generous sized seat for maximum support and a built-in backrest hinge which moves with the user. We offer linking options which enable multiple chairs to be joined together, forming a row.

Our Postura® Plus Linking Chair is another popular hall seating solution. It redefines our best selling Postura Max ® Chair, now for secondary school students and adults. Manufactured with more width and height, superior comfort is ensured. This chair also features moulded links on the side to allow multiple chairs to be linked.

By experimenting with colour combinations, such as alternating rows or grouped layouts, you can foster engagement, cohesion, and organisation. A hot stamp option allows you to customise the chairs with your school’s name or logo, on either the front or back of the backrest. The perfect way to put your mark on your space – it can also be foiled in your school colour.

These chairs are both light-weight and easily stackable up to 12 high, making them the perfect flexible solution for your space. Our Chair Trolleys are ideal for when you need to conveniently move or store seating, between events or functions. The trolley has purpose-built large wheels for easy maneuverability, meaning it can be used by just one person, an ideal way to ensure the safety of your staff. 

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