Cleaning Care Guide

Cleaning Care Guide

See below to find some helpful tips on how to keep your furniture clean to ensure it lasts for generations to come.

Care Instructions for Writeable tops 


As some residue may remain present from the manufacturing process or transportation, please ensure that writeable surfaces are properly cleaned prior to first use. For best results, use a good quality whiteboard cleaning solution with a clean soft cloth or whiteboard cleaning wipes.

Please note: The surface is a ‘WRITEABLE’ surface, not a ‘WHITEBOARD’ surface. The surface should wipe clean, however due to solvents/pigments found in whiteboard markers, they may eventually leave ‘ghosting’ stains as a result of regular use over time, this is normal. Abrasive materials will damage the gloss surface, e.g. rubbing the surface with metal objects, paper or card will erode the gloss surface faster. The severity of ‘ghosting’ stains are directly linked to the condition of the surface. Typical whiteboard surfaces (vertical) are not subject to physical wear like a tabletop. The long term performance of a writeable tabletop should not be expected to be equivalent to a whiteboard.

To keep writeable surfaces looking good please follow these instructions:

  • Immediately clean the writeable surface after every use. Only use a good quality whiteboard cleaning solution with a clean soft cloth or whiteboard cleaning wipes.
  • Never use solvents, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or paper towels on writeable surfaces as it will scratch & damage the surface.
  • Discourage users from damaging the surface and encourage them to use the surface properly to enhance the user experience. Writing on tables can be fun!
  • Only use recommended whiteboard markers, never use permanent markers or pens. Low quality markers will wear the surface faster. Dried out markers damage the surface too, keep them ‘capped’ and stop using them when they run out.
  • The recommended whiteboard markers for writeable surfaces are Artline 579.


The writeable surfaces are warranted against manufacturing defects and excessive marker staining for a period of 12 months. This does not cover staining as a result of surface damage due to normal wear and tear or abrasion as a result of misuse. Some staining is considered normal.

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