Student wellbeing and the impact of furniture

Student wellbeing and the impact of furniture

Partnering with Mindfull, Sebel brings you a new student wellbeing range to help children “find their happy space”.

Between 14-20% of learners in Australia and New Zealand need support with their emotional wellbeing. This has doubled in the past decade. 

Research suggests that the need for support for children has grown significantly over the past decade. Students need the tools that give them opportunities to be their best within the classroom. 

That’s why Sebel are thrilled to be partnering with Mindfull to bring you a new student wellbeing range. Mindfull have spent time talking with children, teachers and parents to better understand the challenges of today’s students, sparking a journey to create happy spaces for our next generation. 

Leaning on 25+ years as learning space experts and engaging with leading researchers they work with real schools to tackle the big challenges the next generation of kids are facing, making sure they don’t face it alone. 

Find your happy space 

We want learning spaces to be comfortable, safe and enjoyable where everyone’s personal learning needs are supported, so that every student can thrive. 

“I like that we have options, that it’s not just furniture for learning, its furniture for spending time in, I really like that.” Heidi, Teacher at Wesley Primary School in Auckland

 In busy and often noisy classrooms, teachers are embracing options where students can self-select the personal space that works best for them. Some students love to interact and collaborate, others need a quiet place to retreat to. Some feel calmer when they’re moving, and others just need a little distance from the action. 

We’re creating furniture that gives students every chance to follow their feelings, in a natural, easy way within their learning environments - where everyone benefits. 

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“They love the learning hut, well we call it the cafe, they just love that space. There are always kids in it, all the time, and not the same kids either, we do get a range of students in it including our neurodiverse ones.” Heidi, Teacher at Wesley Primary School in Auckland

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