What is a breakout space?

What is a breakout space?

Breakout Spaces have been a part of office environments for decades. Once used to fill dead-space in foyers and breakrooms, they have evolved into becoming an integral part of educational space planning.

Creating an effective breakout space

The primary school learning environment

Soft seating and floor-learning solutions better suit primary school breakout rooms. Products like; Create-A-Pods, Create-A-Mats and benches with built-in storage, provide an engaging and creative environment for young students.

Secondary breakout spaces

Fitting out Secondary School spaces requires a little more consideration and flexibility. The modes of learning change and students in this age group vary a lot in height. Offering a range of seating and desk options like high benches, round table clusters, soft bench seating and mobile laptop tables, will cater to all needs. Plus, the simple addition of portable whiteboards, digital screens and colourful accents can encourage engagement (read more about the Psychology of colour in classrooms here).

Breakout Spaces become an informal extension of the classroom itself, where students can continue discussions, complete group projects or simply study in a relaxed environment. 

For teaching and educational professionals, the role of this space is a key component of an agile workplace. Having an open and accessible place even in the hallway to sit and catch up on emails before heading to a meeting, have an informal discussion or find a moment of peace, creates comfort and convenience.   

Ultimately, it’s about collaboration and flexibility. Far from the days of structured, hard-seated classrooms, we know now that learning, teaching methods and even posture are different for everyone. Lean into these differences with modular school furniture that can be moved, reconfigured, and accessed with ease.

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