Breakout Spaces

Breakout Spaces

Create a space within a room where people can go to learn, reflect, meet or collaborate.

A key component of an agile workplace

The idea of a Breakout Space is to create an area that differs from the usual 'formal' setting. For schools, they become an informal extension of the classroom itself, where students can continue discussions, complete group projects or simply study in a relaxed environment. 

For teaching and educational professionals, the role of this space is a key component of an agile workplace. Having an open and accessible place even in the hallway to sit and catch up on emails before heading to a meeting, have an informal discussion or find a moment of peace, creates comfort and convenience.   

Foxwell State Secondary College
Sebel case Study

Foxwell State Secondary College

One of our previous partnerships with Foxwell State Secondary College, is a great example of incorporating Breakout Spaces into a larger environment like a Library. By using Curved Lounges and Collaboration Tables, we were able to create smaller zones within the space for students to gather together and discuss, research and learn.

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