Rochedale State High School creates their ideal learning spaces

Rochedale State High School creates their ideal learning spaces

Creating bright, innovative and engaging learning spaces was an important factor in helping this school create their ideal learning spaces.

How bright and engaging colours were used to bring energy and vibrance to all manner of spaces.

Rochedale State High School is a newly built Senior Learning Centre located in Rochedale, QLD. The brief required the whole school to be fitted out, and included 10 vibrant general learning spaces. Not only were the colour choices designed to bring energy and vibrance to a large area, the furniture selected was chosen with flexibility in mind and to accommodate all the needs of the staff and students.

A staff area is an integral part of any school, providing educators with a place to come together, catch up on work or enjoy some much needed quiet time. 

Throughout the school, Sebel tables bring flexibility, functionality and style to each classroom allowing students an engaging space to learn. Collaboration was a key requirement, and furniture specified in the spaces is designed to work beautifully in all learning areas, with an array of tabletop shapes to help transform spaces into dynamic settings. Communal round tables worked very well, providing an easy and effective way to bring people together to relax and socialise.

Bright and colourful Postura Max® chairs were paired with these tables throughout the school, and brought fun and energy into the classroom. The team at Rochedale chose a bright colour scheme of blue, purple and pink chairs.

What an amazing school and project team to work with - I know the staff and students will enjoy these spaces for generations to come

Sebel Project Team Lead

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